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We recently had a customer with massive blotches on his hood. He explained he had no idea what had happened to his paint. As experienced professionals- we knew EXACTLY what happened. Thus giving us a great topic to discuss in this months blog.

The following are ways to keep your paint in mint condition.

#1 Bird Droppings

The customer with the massive blotches on his hood were cased by bird poop. Droppings contain uric acid, and is strong enough to eat past your wax coating. If you don't have a layer of wax, the damage will go straight to corroding your paint.

#2 Bugs

Given their small size, bugs may not be high on your radar when it comes to your car, however, like bird poop, they also contain uric acid and will cause your paint to corrode.

#3 Sap

You might be tempted to seek shade on a nice warm day this summer, but sap is terrible for your car and difficult to get off your paint. If you can opt for a building as opposed to a tree- do your car a favor and save yourself some time.

#4 Water Spots

Sprinklers and acid rain may not be a threat in your daily life, but when water spots make their way onto your car, it becomes a problem. Water contains minerals and chemicals that not only damage your paint, but also damage your windows and plastic coverings.

#5 Avoid Spills

Many fluids such as antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, gas and windshield washer fluid may seem car friendly products, after all they are made for your car, but the chemicals they contain aren't paint friendly and can easily affect your paint if left unattended for a long period of time.

All the above are tough on your paint, make sure not to use your finger nails to remove any debris found on your vehicle and only use products specifically for cars, nice cold water and clean microfiber towels to dry off your car. If you ever need a new paint job, please consider visiting us here at EC Professional Auto Body, we would be happy to help.
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